Chicwish Reviews: Adding more style to your new year

Chicwish Reviews: Adding more style to your new year

Move “shop more” to the top of your New Year’s resolutions.

Today I’m doing an honest Chicwish review. I’m sure you’ve seen Chicwish clothing ads on Facebook or your favorite fashion blogger’s Instagram.

Honestly, I look for any excuse to spoil myself. Shopping isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s my favorite pastime. And, most days, it’s my main source of exercise. (If you’ve carried multiple bags and a purse down the street WHILE wearing heels, you totally get it.) But, for 2022, I want to keep my talents closer to home. This year, I want to try out a few online-exclusive brands.

I chose to start with Chicwish. Scrolling through social media, I have seen some of their pieces pop up before. Everything I saw seemed cute and trendy. So, I had to see for myself. And I’m glad it did!

I never spend a dime without doing a little digging first. On paper, Chicwish checked all the boxes. For nearly a decade, the brand has provided fun, fashion-forward looks at affordable prices. Despite targeting younger demographics initially, the company has since evolved, offering clothing for all ages across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Just looking through their website was enough to make me swoon. Or catcall. Because their designs are HOT! They fit my sense of style perfectly. It’s evident that their buyers are dedicated to curating unique pieces. Each item has a vintage-inspired vibe without feeling dated or too retro. Lovers of frills, lace, and ruffles rejoice! Each outfit has flourishes and flare that sets it apart.

Chicwish definitely passed the eye test. I needed to make an order to get the full experience. Three orders later, I’m all in on this brand! And you should be too!

I share my review (and haul) below. If you’re like me, you’ll instantly fall in love. But beware. It’s easy to get carried away. If you aren’t careful, you’ll need to add “re-organize closet” to your resolution list to make room for all these finds.

How is the quality?

I don’t do cheap. (I’m boujee like that.) While I’m always down to hunt for a deal, I never skimp on quality. And Chicwish didn’t disappoint.

Each piece I picked out was made from durable, high-quality fabrics. Take the Grab the Spotlight Bowknot Satin Dress. I was admittedly a little skeptical based on the picture alone. It seemed too good to be true. I was happily surprised. The buttoned cuffs and ribboned waist are well constructed and sturdy. The V-shaped cutout at the neckline is a hint of sexy without being over the top. As the description warned, I fully expect to slay. And all for under $70! I napped the wine, but it’s also available in navy, green, and floral print.

And everything holds up well in the wash too. One of the first items I bought was the Zippered Site Pocket Joggers. I felt like it was a low risk investment. (You can never have too much loungewear.) Yet they are so comfy, and I basically wear them 24/7. They still look as good as new after repeated wear (and washing). I sprung for the mint for a pop of color since I usually pair my joggers with an oversized, neutral tee. I have my eye on the camel or lavender color next.

How much does Chicwish cost?

After reading Chicwish reviews, Chicwish is competitive. This is the best compliment I can give. The brand strikes a balance between high-end fashion and box-store pricing.

The Crisscross Ribbed Knit Crop Sweater is the perfect example. After all, a girl can never have enough go-to sweaters either. (It’s the clothing equivalent of “break glass in case of emergency” when you have no other options.) Priced reasonably at $69.90, you would be hard-pressed to find something similar that matches this quality. The shimmer ivory color looks flawless with the knit fabric.

And with Chicwish, you never have to search for discount codes. Any promotions are always prominently featured on its homepage. This is ON TOP of flash sales and markdowns that they update regularly. Listed at $88.90, I snagged the Leopard Watercolor Maxi Slip Dress for only $59.90. What a steal! Wearing it gives me all the feels. My inner socialite is unlocked as if I’m on the prowl. I only wish I had ordered it earlier. It would have looked stunning as a New Year’s Eve dress.

How does Chicwish fit?

Fit is key. I feel most confident and comfortable when my clothing fits properly. Chicwish is true to size. Before buying the Ombre Ripped Wide Leg Jeans, I measured myself and consulted the sizing guide. These are high-waisted, so I sized down because of the inseam. I have a shorter torso than most.

With plans to go back into the office more this upcoming year, I needed to level up my workwear. The Scalloped Mesh Decorated Button Down Shirt caught my attention. I’d describe it as “business casual meets semi-formal.” The mesh decoration adds a touch of flair that isn’t over-the-top. After reading Chicwish reviews, I wanred to find a complementary piece, I went back for the Baroque Peony Jacquard Flap Mini Skirt.

Each piece fits nicely, giving off a tailored look at a fraction of the cost. Like I said, I would recommend using the sizing chart to ensure you’re happy.





What is the shipping and return policy?

Although it’s worth it, you shouldn’t have to wait! Their website states that processing time is 3-4 days plus additional time for shipping. I must have been lucky because my items arrived in under a week. However, some pieces come directly from the U.K. or Asia, which can add extra days.

Exchanges are hassle-free too! After buying the Gradient Mesh Sequined Maxi Skirt, I wasn’t quite sure after trying it on. Seeing it in person, it gave me way too many “middle school dance” vibes. (I did NOT want to relive those flashbacks.) I simply used the pre-paid label to send it back within 30 days. It was effortless!







Would I order from Chicwish again?

Spoiler alert: I already did! The experience was outstanding. Online shopping can often feel like mindless scrolling through endless options. Not with Chicwish. They have hand-selected looks organized by tabs for easy browsing. Whether it’s lounging out on the couch or hitting the clubs with the girls, Chicwish has a look for you.

If you keep only one resolution, treat yourself to Chicwash. You may give up on the rest by February, but this is one task worth revisiting all year long!