Simple Hacks on How to Make PDF Editable

Simple Hacks on How to Make PDF Editable

PDF or portable document format is the most used for documents of all purposes. These files never change any of the alignment or information even when exchanged with others. However, these might become problematic in some cases. This is because it is not possible to edit these files in any way. 

These are most prevalent in working areas. As in, people create some presentations or excel sheets with crucial information. They then convert the file into a pdf so that no information is lost. What if they have to make some necessary changes in them? Is that really possible? Well, yes. It is possible to edit a pdf. The following information gives insights on how to make pdf editable and get your job done. 

PDF Editing Methods: 

As we have already mentioned earlier, editing pdfs is now possible, all thanks to technological developments. The most prevailing way to edit pdfs is to reconvert them back into the original form to make the necessary changes. Here are some widely used conversions by most people: 

  • PDF to PowerPoint: 

These conversions, as quoted earlier are the most useful for those who need to present something. Be it a business, a formal meeting in the company, or convincing a client, PowerPoint is a crucial tool. In most cases, it so happens that the presentation would be running but some important audience needs the report of it. What is better than a pdf for a report! Now you need to make some changes to the file. How? Simple! Convert the file back to the .ppt extension, make the changes and reconvert it back to .pdf. Sounds easy right! 

  • PDF to Excel: 

Most of the reports or data for a company are found in excel sheets only. Most companies convert the sheets into pdfs once they are sure of all the changes and store them for future reference. Well, we might need to make some corrections or add some information to the file. What do we do then? We can use the pdf to excel converters, including the changes, and convert it back to the pdf again. 

What happens here is that we first use online or offline tools to convert different files into pdfs. We reverse the same if we need to make some changes. Now, this is a bit of a hassle and might make the work clumsy. Instead of these back-and-forth conversions, we can simply use the pdf editor tools. There are different editing tools for pdfs now. They provide a platform that allows us to edit the pdf directly. As in, we don’t have to go for all those conversions. Instead, we can just do that to the pdf file and save a lot of time. 

Some online editing tools require us to sign up with them so that we can receive future updates and use the services better. Whenever you wonder how to make pdf editable, either use the former processes described above, or find some latest tools and reduce the amount of time you need to invest.