Online Donation Israel: Why You Should Donate?

Online Donation Israel: Why You Should Donate?

There are many ways Israelis who need assistance do not readily have access to in their day-to-day lives. In a recent study, it was found that Holocaust survivors, soldiers, people experiencing emotional distress, and others, face bureaucratic and economic barriers when exercising their rights. Psychological issues or a lack of understanding of the process can lead to people abandoning the process along the way.

Several Israeli organizations are attempting to aid these people, but the current crisis has thrown up barriers that did not exist only a few months ago. Online donation Israel will assist these groups in surviving, thriving, and reaching even more individuals in need.

The Meir Panim network provides help to those in Israel who are struggling to feed their families. Our goal is to make sure your gift and assistance reach the most deserving recipients possible. Our organization provides warm meals to families and the elderly as well as services such as free dining centers in Israel’s five major cities and prepaid grocery cards to purchase groceries and food at retail establishments.

Your donation to Israel can save a life 

By donating to Israel online, you are saving a life. There is no alternative to contributing to an Israeli family with a little help. Meir Panim supports lone IDF troops, families, and children. Those in need will receive food packages made with your donation. 

We offer special food packages during Shabbat and holiday seasons so that no one feels neglected or alone. They may feel better about life for a short time, but on special occasions they can enjoy a full, excellent meal.